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Brownie Brand

Ben Sakoguchi, Orange Crate Label Series: "Brownie Brand," acrylic on canvas, 10" x 11", 1995. 

Since the 1960s, Southern California artist Ben Sakoguchi has produced a prolific body of work, including the small, beautifully rendered paintings known as the Orange Crate Label Series, which blend humor, sarcasm, and social commentary in their recontextualized images.  Sakoguchi is represented in many public and private collections, including the Baseball Reliquary, the Museum of Modern Art (New York), and the Library of Congress.


     The Baseball Reliquary has published a 20-page catalog (5.5" x 8.5") entitled Guide to the Collections, which offers a sampling of some of the historically significant artifacts in its collections.  Also included in the catalog are details on the inaugural election to the Shrine of the Eternals and relevant information on becoming a member of the Baseball Reliquary.

      The catalog Guide to the Collections is available for $2.00 postpaid from the Baseball Reliquary, P.O. Box 1850, Monrovia, CA 91017.

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