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Reliquary Founding
Background Information on the Reliquary
Babe Ruth Sacristy Box
Used to administer last sacraments to the Babe
Elysian Fields Soil
Elysian Fields Soil with Accompanying Letter
Babe Ruth Cigar
Partially Smoked Cigar left by the Babe
Ty Cobb Humanitarian Award
"Humanitarian of the Year" silver-plated cup
Luke Easter
Legends of Minor League Baseball oil painting
Jackie Robinson
Jackie Robinson icon, oil on board
70th Home Run Ball
Joe Bauman’s 70th Home Run Ball
Dave Bresnahan
Potato "ball" thrown by catcher Bresnahan
Walter O’Malley Tortilla
Flour tortilla with likeness of Walter O’Malley
Eddie Gaedel
Midget Gaedel’s athletic supporter & trophy 
Mother Teresa Baseballs
Baseballs bearing the signature of Mother Teresa 
Joseph Cornell Baseball Collage
Previously unknown collage, circa 1962 
Babe Ruth Hot Dog
Desiccated, partially consumed hot dog left behind by the Babe
Gilmore Field Replica
Home of the Hollywood Stars of the PCL
Alert Orange Baseball
Charlie Finley’s innovation bearing his portrait
Dock Ellis Hair Curlers
Shrine Inductee Dock Ellis’ curlers and perm rods
Abner Doubleday Skin Fragment
Relic from the purported inventor of baseball
Champ Prophylactics
You too can be a champ…
Eddie Grant Memorial Plaque
Plundered Polo Grounds
Colt 45
Painting by Roger Patrick
The Curse of the Bambino
Assemblage by Greg Jezewski
Mordecai Brown Finger
Recreation, circa 1908

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