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Neale "Bobo" Henderson Doug Livingston, who has worked in the studios, on records, commercials, movies, and television, performs the National Anthem and “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” on the pedal steel guitar.

Neale "Bobo" Henderson, a former player for the Kansas City Monarchs who would soon step to the podium to accept Buck O’Neil’s induction, leads the audience in singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game."


John Adams is introduced as the recipient of the 2008 Hilda Award. A baseball fan whose devotion to the hometown team has reached almost mythic proportions, Adams is celebrating his 35th consecutive year pounding his bass drum at Cleveland Indians games. A reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer commented on Adams receiving the Hilda: "John Adams, the Tribe’s beloved bleacher booster for more than three decades, will finally have his place in history."


David W. Smith, who founded Retrosheet in 1989, accepts the Tony Salin Memorial Award, presented annually by the Baseball Reliquary in recognition of an individual’s commitment to the preservation of baseball history. Retrosheet is a nonprofit, all-volunteer historical organization dedicated to the collection, computerization, and free distribution of Major League games.


Albert Kilchesty, the Baseball Reliquary’s Archivist and Historian, presents the 2008 Keynote Address. On this very stage, ten years ago, Kilchesty presented the inaugural Keynote Address at the Shrine of the Eternals 1999 Induction Day.

The Keynote Address now completed, the audience awaits the unveiling and presentation of the inductee plaques.



Neale "Bobo" Henderson accepts the induction of Buck O’Neil on behalf of the O’Neil family and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City. Currently a resident of San Diego, Henderson was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas in 1930, and it was there that he first met Buck O’Neil in the late 1930s when Neale served as a batboy for the Kansas City Monarchs when they barnstormed through his hometown. He was eventually recruited to play for the Monarchs, and his dream came true in 1949 when, as a 19-year-old, he signed to play both the infield and outfield for that legendary Negro League club.

One of the true pioneers in sports broadcasting, Gil Stratton introduces the induction of Emmett Ashford into the Shrine of the Eternals. In the mid-1950s, Stratton was hired as sports director for KNXT, later KCBS-TV, in Los Angeles, thus beginning an extraordinary 40-plus year career with CBS Sports. Stratton first met Emmett Ashford when they umpired college baseball games at USC and UCLA in the late 1940s.



Adrienne Ashford, Emmett’s daughter, accepts the induction of her father into the Shrine of the Eternals. In 1951, after umpiring for several years at the high school, junior college, and college levels in Los Angeles, Ashford was hired by the Southwest International League, thus becoming the first African-American umpire in Organized Baseball. He would later umpire in the Pacific Coast League from 1954 through 1965, before his contract was purchased in 1966 by the American League.


One of the preeminent sportswriters of our era, John Schulian speaks to fellow Reliquarian, Jim Amromin, shortly before going to the podium to present his remarks introducing the induction of Bill Buckner.


Brittany Buckner, Bill’s daughter and an up-and-coming actress who resides in Los Angeles, accepts the induction on his behalf.


Poet Jack McCarthy (left) with John Schulian. A New Englander currently living in the state of Washington, McCarthy closed the ceremony with the reading of his poem dedicated to Bill Buckner, "The Walk of Life."

Neale Henderson autographs a baseball on the "sweet spot."



David W. Smith, recipient of the 2008 Tony Salin Memorial Award, with Doug Salin, Tony’s brother.

The Baseball Reliquary’s Executive Director, Terry Cannon, who served as Master of Ceremonies for the afternoon’s festivities, with Brittany Buckner.


A group photo featuring David W. Smith, Brittany Buckner, Adrienne Ashford, and John Adams.

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