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 A Photo Scrapbook by Larry Goren

            The Baseball Reliquary’s second annual all-star comedy benefit, “The Laughs Begin on Opening Day,” launched the 2003 baseball season in hilarious style on Thursday, April 3 at The Ice House in Pasadena, California. All proceeds from ticket sales went to support the various public exhibitions and programs of the Baseball Reliquary.
Jack Riley and Tom Tully were instrumental in compiling the evening’s performers, a virtual “Murderer’s Row” of comedians who stepped up to the mike and took their swings at the national pastime. Performing largely baseball-related routines, anecdotes, and impersonations, the star-studded roster featured comedians who have distinguished themselves for years in stand-up, television, radio, film, and theater. The evening got off to a rousing start with a guest appearance by legendary Dodger Stadium vendor, Roger Owens. Known throughout Southern California as “The Peanut Man,” Owens, who has tossed well over two million bags of goobers in his 45 years as a vendor, gave a lively demonstration in the art of peanut tossing. Jack Riley and George Wendt capably split the emcee duties, introducing, in order of appearance, Thom Sharp, Wayne Federman, Bonnie McFarlane, John Mendoza, Andy Kindler, Ed Driscoll, and Ed Crasnick.

Other highlights included a duet with George Wendt and Tom Tully singing a baseball song, with original lyrics by Tully and with plenty of audience participation. The evening concluded with Paul Willson joining Tully, Riley, and Wendt on stage for a simulated sports radio talk show, with the help of Andy Goldberg and Joe Liss as “call-in” guests.

Andy Kindler Ed Crasnick Bonnie McFarlane Ed Driscoll
George Wendt & Tom Tully George Wendt Jack Riley & Roger Owens John Mendoza
Jim Amromin & Andy Goldberg Thom Sharp Wayne Federman Andy Kindler, Ed Crasnick & Wayne Federman
Roger Owens & Terry Cannon Radio Show Ensemble Terry Cannon & Ed Crasnick

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