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“I don’t know if Howard Zinn was a baseball fan, but I’m sure that the author of A People’s History of the United States would have loved the documentary film Not Exactly Cooperstown. Just as Zinn told the story of America from the perspective of its rebels and outcasts, Not Exactly Cooperstown looks at baseball from a bottom-up point-of-view.”

The Huffington Post

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Filmmaker Jon Leonoudakis’ film is a ticket to a star-spangled journey into the heart and soul of baseball that can’t be quantified by numbers. The result of this expedition is Not Exactly Cooperstown, the first documentary to explore this eclectic, fan-based think tank founded in 1996. “My film is an unorthodox look at America’s most orthodox game,” says Leonoudakis.

“Cooperstown is for statistics, and the Reliquary is for stories,” says David Kipen, former Director of Literature for the NEA and ardent baseball fan. “Even though it doesn’t have a physical home, it’s like a floating crap game that materializes whenever two baseball fans meet to commune over the wafer that is baseball.” Leonoudakis spent a year in the life of the Reliquary from spring of 2010 to 2011, to share what makes it tick to a curious public.


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