Byron Motley: “Viva Cuba Béisbol” Photographs

"Baseball on the Malecon"

“Baseball on the Malecon”

"Making Contact"

“Making Contact”

A photographic journey into the heart and soul of Cuban baseball, “Viva Cuba Béisbol” is an exhibition by Los Angeles-based photographer Byron Motley.  Granted unprecedented access to the Cuban national teams by the Castro government, Motley set out to capture the spirit of the game which thrives in this rarely seen remarkable world.  His images capture Cuba’s national obsession; how the sport of baseball transcends politics, captures the heart of the island, and weaves itself into the fabric of everyday life.  Cuban baseball author and historian Peter C. Bjarkman wrote, “Motley’s work is just about the best visual record of the island’s sporting passion that I myself have so far witnessed.”

"Conrado Marrero"

“Conrado Marrero”

The Baseball Reliquary’s collection includes three prints from the “Viva Cuba Béisbol” series, which are depicted on this page.  To see more of Motley’s work, visit his Web site.

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