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“Eddie Gaedel Day” Celebration, August 19, 2017, Arcadia, California

L.A. Chapter of the Eddie Gaedel Society to Honor Baseball’s Mighty Mite

Eddie Gaedel, August 19, 1951, Sportsman’s Park, St. Louis.

WHERE: Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant, Library Room, 145 E. Huntington Drive, Arcadia 91006. Phone (626) 462-0250. Parking available in lot and on street.  Walking distance from Arcadia Gold Line station. Free and open to the public (food and drink extra). Space is limited to 25 attendees, so arrive early!

WHEN: Saturday, August 19, 2017, 7:00-9:30 p.m.

CONTACT: Jon Leonoudakis, President, Eddie Gaedel Society Los Angeles Chapter: jbgreeksf24@gmail.com, (818) 886-2998.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the Eddie Gaedel Society will gather at Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant, 145 E. Huntington Drive in Arcadia, where the annual “Eddie Gaedel Day” festivities will be held on Saturday, August 19, 2017 from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m. The event celebrates the life and times of Eddie Gaedel (1925-1961), who at 3’7” and 65 pounds was the shortest and lightest player ever to step to the plate in the major leagues.

The Gaedel Society has chapters stretching from Spokane, Washington to Dublin, Ireland. The Los Angeles Chapter collaborates with the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary to curate this unique event.

“Brownie Brand,” painting by Ben Sakoguchi, in the collection of the Bseball Reliquary.

“We honor baseball’s biggest little hitter annually on August 19 to celebrate Gaedel’s major league at-bat on August 19, 1951, at Sportsman’s Park, St. Louis,” said Jon Leonoudakis, President of the L.A. Chapter. “We’ll be gathering in the Library Room at Matt Denny’s to raise a glass to Eddie, to tell stories, and to challenge attendees with a special trivia quiz featuring small prizes.  If we’re lucky, Eddie’s athletic supporter will make an appearance, courtesy of the Baseball Reliquary. There are also rumors that a rare holy card of Eddie will be distributed to attendees while supplies last.”

This is the third time around the basepaths to honor Eddie after the Los Angeles Chapter was established in 2015. “We had a great crowd last year, which included members of the Hollywood Shorties basketball team,” said Leonoudakis. “It was a festive event, bonding baseball fans, culture vultures, and students of history, just as Eddie would’ve liked.”

All are invited for a memorable evening of small talk, short speeches, and half-pint beers, and to join in the group’s mantra, “Take a Walk, Eddie!”

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